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An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision
- James Whistler

Modern Luxury Furniture Delhi

Marigold Furnishers follows the simple philosophy of creating furniture that is timeless. From contemporary to vintage, modern to classic, our eye for detail harnesses the 'soul' of our patron in his living environment.

Modern Luxury Furniture

Marigold Furnishers is synonymous to unprecedented style and unmatched quality. The band continuously strives to achieve finesse in whichever piece they create, and in doing so they harbour the role of an innovator and not a follower.


The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of. From reading the client's mind during our customary briefing session to creating that unique piece of art which he craves for; our master craftsmen chisel out a multitude of materials to carve out that statement pice for our discerning patron.

Making of Modern Luxury Furniture

With wood, stones and metal creating a perfect symphony, an array of fabrics have been used to create an amalgam of functionality and style. And the unique finishes with bold & contemporary treatments bear testimony to the craftsmanship that marigold Furnishers has achieved.

Luxury Furniture

The craftsman's vision at Marigold Furnishers is to draw a symmetry in your life with a multitude of products around you. The vision is to include stand alone pieces in your abode, thereby making a statement with individual pieces, rather than engulfing an entire space with one style.